Monday, August 02, 2010

Monkey Business

I'm on a mission to create 13 more sock monkey paintings by November 1st for my December show at the Blak Sage Gallery.

To find out more about the show click here.

Here's a peek at my works in progress:

These are about half done... I'll update this blog post regularly until I've completed all 13.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sock Monkey's in the Wild...Again!

Monkey Made of Sockies, my wonderful golf club headcover made by Daphne's Headcovers been traveling the world! Right now he is on the way to St. Andrews in Scotland with Jett Johnson.
(Show here in the sock monkey room before the trip.)

One more, this time with me!

He's on his way now to Manilla with Larry Barr. Larry says he hope to take MMOS to the Palace.

Sharlene Van Rooy sent me pics from her east coast trip:

"Massachusetts at Bunker Hill, 'Don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes.'"

Climbing the sign in New Hampshire.

If you can't find him right now you are not alone. He's been selling like hotcakes and is out of stock at the manufacturer's. All is not lost! He is still available at may fine establishments like , Amazon and even Ebay.

I took him to the Pinnacles National Monument a few months back.

It was Georgie's post from Australia a few years back that started this whole adventure:

So please, send me your Monkey Made of Sockies pics from your neck of the woods and I'll post them here. It will be fun to see where he lands next!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Monkeeeeey Media

Yesterday started like any other day. Well... maybe not like any other day. Usually I do my prep work the day before so that I can paint first thing in the morning. But I didn't prepare my canvas for painting, and I didn't feel like working on any that were in progress so I decided to start something new.

Something....sock monkey.

So I gathered all of the monkeys together to see who would inspire me. Turns out they all did! Hey as soon as you pick one up it's like getting a hug! We hung out on the stairs for a bit and I took a group picture.

I shot over a hundred pictures. And as I was taking their pictures, their characters started emerging:

Clyde-Think Jimmy Stewart
Stunt Double I - Fearless Flier and utterly loyal to Clyde
Stunt Double II- Same as SDI but he's had a few more injuries, not quite so loyal
Pretzel- Soooo tied up in knots
Uncle Frank-Speaks his mind
Auntie Frank-(Anti-Frank!) Speaks everything but her mind
Rhyme-The artiste
Reason-The voice of reason
Cuckoo, Cuckoo! -Need I explain?
MMOS-Golf on the brain
Biker Dude-Looks tough, heart of gold
Lippystick-Won't leave home without it
Uncle Overmost-Just ask him
Babushka-Recent immigrant to Monkey Media
Storebought-Always trying to get over a bad rap

I thought a children's book was emerging, but by the end of the day, it was clear that I was creating an animated series.

So I decided to start a web series ~Monkey Media~ a lighthearted look at Social Media.

I'm not sure how I'll do this. I only know that I must. Here's a peek at my own creative notes:

So here I am, all by myself in my studio and I'm cracking myself up.

This thing is jut being downloaded to me and I'm just a long for the ride.

Hope you want to come too. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hacker's Paradise-Great Review

Whoooohoooo! The Hacker's Paradise just gave Monkey Made of Sockies a fantastic review!

Click here to read it:

Thanks so much to the Hacker's Paradise team and Daphne's Headcovers!


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sock Monkeys in the Wild at Blak Sage Gallery

In 1947, Johnny's Bar and our tiny town of Hollister, CA was invaded by bikers. This incident was the inspiration for the the film The Wild Ones, Starring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. (For more information on the film and the actual incident, click here.)

In December of 2010, the Blak Sage Gallery, right down the street from Johnny's, will be invaded by sock monkeys! For the first time ever, all 39 of my sock monkey paintings will be displayed in one place.

Also on display will be Sharlene Van Rooy's fabulous award-winning sock monkey quilt, and my sock monkey collection. Yes, I have a sock monkey collection! I know, the whole thing is surreal for me too. I was the tomboy who never played with dolls and now I have a sock monkey collection! I have to tell you they make great models as their smiles never fade.

The show is going to be fun for children of all ages! There will be sock monkey making demonstrations, a sock monkey poetry contest and readings. Please send us your best haiku to We also want to hear your stories and experiences with these red-heeled friends.

Sock monkeys are not only welcome, they are encouraged to attend. So bring your red heeled friends. One of them will be crowned Sock Monkey King and Sock Monkey Queen!

You'll have a chance to pluck the beloved Monkey Made of Sockies golf club headcovers and children's book right from the Christmas tree. Of course you are welcome to collect them now. Please visit Daphne's Headcovers for the headcover and AuthorHouse for the book.
I'll update the blog with more details so keep checking back. Meanwhile, please send me your red heeled haiku!

Update 6/9/10

Sharlene Van Rooy will be creating a new quilt especially for this show. We intend to "raffle off" the quilt. Everyone will be a winner as we are giving all the proceeds of the raffle to our YMCA!

Thanks so much Sharlene for your generosity!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Boxing Up Joy

There is something about this duck that makes me smile every time I see him.

Buddies, Oil on Canvas 36"x24"Shannon Grissom

What is it about this duck that makes me so happy? Is there residual energy from whomever gave him to me? Is it the fact that his hair is wild and he's always grinning? I wish I could remember who gave him to me so I could thank them. Here it is, over forty years later, and I'm still grinning and I don't even know why.

After my mom passed, I discovered him in a box that was simply labeled, "Shannon". The box contained report cards, a spooky drawing of a spider and some early letters I penned from science camp.Other than my mother's Monkey Made of Sockies, he's pretty much the only toy that survived my childhood.

He comes out of the box now and then to pose for portraits. Here he is with his friends at Christmas.

Friends, Oil on Canvas 48"x60" Shannon Grissom

The last time I pulled him out, it dawned on me that I had been boxing up joy. So instead of returning him to the box, I left him out. Like Monkey Made of Sockies, he reminds me share a smile.

May all your boxes be open.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monkey Made of Sockies In the Wild

Monkey Made of Sockies was spotted, not on the golf course, oh no. He was seen in the wild this weekend at Pinnacles National Monument!

The Pinnacles is a release site for California condors and he was hoping to spot one. But it was not to be. The only wildlife he discovered was a lounging lizard. And I'm afraid the lizard exited rather quickly as soon as he spotted Monkey Made of Sockies.

But the weather was a balmy 77 degrees and poppies were in bloom so he really didn't mind.

He's taking time to smell the roses. Or in this case, the poppies.
May you all get out soon and enjoy the magnificence that is Spring!